Altamira Worldwide is a social enterprise dedicated to community development in some of the world’s toughest environments


 “Work at the frontiers of global development to build community resilience and well being by breaking down barriers and connecting people”


At Altamira, we value:

People – People Centred Approaches

Rigor – Knowledge Driven Action

Innovation – New Ideas that Broker Change

Impact – delivering Results that Matter

Humility – Building Relationships with Trust

Operating Principles

Altamira has five key operating principles:

  1. Bringing local and international expertise together. We believe that collaboration and dialogue lead to better ideas, and brighter minds.
  2. Promoting honesty and hard work. We strive to teach these principles and incorporate them into our everyday operations.
  3. Building capacity. We aim to teach not only students but also our staff, teachers, and anyone with a desire to learn.
  4. Providing knowledge freely. When possible, we will make our resources publicly available for the free use of stakeholders and the community at large.
  5. Encouraging a diverse community. We believe that people from all backgrounds have a stake in development, and strive to include women, minorities and anyone else at Altamira.