We operate as a network of development, media and education professionals working at the forefront of development issues worldwide

At Altamira, we take a holistic approach to community development. Through community participation and ownership of the process, Altamira promotes local action, self-empowerment, and peer-to-peer networking as essential strategies for community-driven development.

With its strong origins in grassroots action, Altamira firmly believes that activities for and by communities lie at the heart of sustainable social and economic development. Altamira strengthens neighborhoods and communities by creating important spaces for community service, leadership and cooperation.

At Altamira, the focus areas of our professional practice are:

  • Research
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Media and Public Awareness
  • Education, Development and Outreach

Research, Monitoring and Evaluation

Altamira has deep expertise in quantitative and qualitative research.  For those who want to know we get there fast to start building insights – and take a long-term view. For people who want ideas on what’s driving the issues they care about, we deliver surveys, data crunching, analysis, policy advice and a team of people who can provide new perspectives. 

Altamira has developed strong expertise in program Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) adapted to a variety of contexts. In each assignment, a specific methodology is designed, taking into account the program dynamics, the partners involved and the areas of implementation. With customized indicators and tools, and combined teams of national and international consultants, Altamira reviews all layers of program implementation, extracting best practices and lessons learned and formulating recommendations for improvement and future programming.

Media and Public Awareness

Information and knowledge is empowering. Altamira works with local media professionals and journalists to improve the availability and quality of information for local communities. The increased availability of honest, accurate information about key development issues allows communities to take control of their own futures and make informed decisions for themselves and their families. Altamira works with well established journalists, social media experts and media broadcasters to increase the volume, quality and reach of information within difficult to reach communities - strengthening both community knowledge, but also increasing awareness and professionalism across local media outlets.

Education, Development and Outreach

At Altamira, our community education and development programs operate on the principles of participation, local empowerment, demand-responsiveness, enhanced capacity and accountability. Our approaches and actions have been implemented across a wide range of countries including low and middle income and conflict affected countries to support a variety of urgent needs. Community programs are adapted to the local context and can take many forms depending on the audience and culture. Some examples of our activities include workshops, community events, training sessions, school presentations, rural area outreach visits and community leader consultations.